Our people are our most valuable asset

We’re upfront about who we are and the things we believe to help you assess if we’re the right organization to support your career goals. We’ve designed our hiring process to be flexible to your needs, and we’re happy to make reasonable adjustments to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to start their journey with First West.


Your first step towards a career with First West is to submit an application online.
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This is your chance to assess if we’re the right organization for you.
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We’ll ask you to complete a behavioural assessment.
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As part of the recruitment process, you’ll be required to complete several pre-employment checks and documents.
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Meet our talent attraction team

These are the first people you’ll meet when you apply for a career with our credit union. They have a goal of finding professionals who are eager to make meaningful impact and inspired by our member-first philosophy.

Helping you prepare for employment at First West

We’re always looking for great people like you to join our team, and we’re here to support you through the application process. These commonly asked questions can help you navigate towards a career with First West.

Can you adjust the interview process to accommodate my disability?

If you have a barrier, we’re happy to make reasonable adjustments to our hiring process in order to adapt to your needs. We want to ensure fairness and equity for all applicants, and to help you show us your best! If you require an accommodation at any point in the process, from the application to the interview, please send an email to HRdirect@firstwestcu.ca outlining your needs.

What does onboarding look like at First West?

Your first few months are all about learning as much as you can. To start off, you’ll participate in our virtual orientation program, as well as e-learning and remote training experiences with your performance leader and colleagues. We want to ensure you have a smooth transition into your role at First West, which is why our onboarding is designed with tools and activities that help you stay connected and engaged in a supportive work environment, so you’ll feel ready and able to contribute to our organization.

How does First West support my continuous learning?

It’s our goal to provide you with an enriching team member experience and support you to elevate your career doing things that matter. Here at First West we empower you to continuously develop new skills though in-house programs that are inclusive and accessible, leveraging supportive technology or by funding for external learning experiences. We’re committed to team  member development which means we’re regularly updating courses to remain relevant, using multiple modes of learning and incorporating feedback to improve effectiveness and to support continuous learning.

My interview will be held remotely via online video conferencing technology. How should I prepare?

We regularly use digital platforms to conduct interviews. The following tips can help to guide you before, during and after your remote interview.

  • Test your technology. Make sure your internet connection and video conferencing program are functioning properly prior to your interview.
  • Dress professionally and ensure your surroundings are tidy.
  • Rehearse your response to key interview questions—just as you would for an in-person interview—and prepare your own questions for the interviewer.
  • Be personable and engage with the interviewer to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.
  • Remove all distractions, including your cell phone which should be turned to silent. Close all other programs on your computer to avoid unexpected notifications, which can come across as unprofessional.
  • Adjust your lighting. Avoid heavy shadows and ensure it’s not too bright.
  • Have a digital version of your resume readily available. The hiring manager may ask you to share it through digital channels during your call.
  • Don’t panic if technology fails. Remain calm, friendly and make sure you have the hiring manager’s email address or phone number on-hand, so you can contact them in case you’re not able to reconnect online.
  • Just as you would after an in-person interview, send a follow-up note after the interview, thanking the hiring manager for their time.
It’s gratifying to know that the work I do has value to our members. I’m helping to simplify their banking and their lives. That’s a great feeling.
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Alex Tirkanits, Senior Financial Advisor, Valley First